How we got started

Established in 2022 amid the trials of the COVID-19 pandemic, we created a student-oriented technology company named Wyse PCs, and we had a singular mission: to address the technology gap faced by STEM students seeking affordable yet robust computing solutions. In response to the deficiencies observed in the market, we initiated our journey with Founders PCs, subsequently evolving into Wyse PCs, where our focus gravitated toward the fundamental requirements for success in disciplines such as engineering and architecture.

As our commitment to accessibility and performance deepened, a fortuitous invitation to an esports match became a catalyst for the creation of Reactor Gaming—a specialized division dedicated to crafting high-performance gaming desktops and laptops. Our pride stems from successfully delivering game-winning computers to collegiate, high school, and professional esports teams, enriching the gaming experience across diverse communities.

Beyond our impact in the realm of esports, the Reactor Gaming difference is evident in our computers, which boast an 18% greater affordability and a remarkable 20% increase in speed. This performance boost extends to daily activities, engineering renders, and gaming FPS, showcasing our dedication to enhancing user experiences across various domains.

At Reactor Gaming, we transcend the role of mere technology providers. We see ourselves as architects of opportunities, facilitators of dreams, and catalysts for success. Our journey is defined not only by cutting-edge technology but by the profound impact it has on individuals, empowering them to reach new heights and achieve their aspirations.

About Us Continued

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