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Your Dream System. Our Components. There is Nothing Better. 

Custom Keyboards and Laptops

Smooth and Colorful Keyboards

Cherry MX and Gateron Switches with PBT Doubleshot
Keycaps offer a smooth Gaming Experience.

Powerful and Compact Laptops

Powered by new 14th Gen Intel | 7000 Series AMD CPUs
and Nvidia Geforce RTX GPUs

Our Guarantees

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Free CPU/GPU Overclock

For FREE we will apply a slight overclock to your CPU and GPU. This overclock does not hurt the desktop and only gives more performance for free!

Quality Guarantee

Our PCs feature top-tier components from leading manufacturers like Samsung, Gigabyte, ASUS, and Corsair, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Plus, we promise if you find a part that is not a part of our official parts list then you get the system for FREE.
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BloatWare Free Systems

Our systems are bloatware-free, with only essential software installed: either Windows 10 or Windows 11, along with Nvidia GeForce Experience or AMD Adrenalin drivers, enabling immediate gaming enjoyment.

Hand Picked Parts

All of the Systems parts that we offer are hand-picked and tested to make sure you get the best performance and we put those parts in builds that meet or exceed our standards.
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In keeping with our core principles and our dedication to gamers and esports teams – all of our systems can be upgraded by you and any upgrades you do to the system will not affect the warranty!

Stress Tested

Before we pack and ship your system, we will run stress tests meant to pinpoint any problems your system may have so we can fix the system now rather than later. We run industry favorite benchmarks such as Heaven, Cinebench R23, Prime95, and PassMark

Price Match Guarantee

Find a better price? We will Match it! Thats right if you find a system that is at a lower price from one of our competitors we will price match it and minus $10 so we are always the best price. Can find the Terms HERE

Lifetime Support

Along with our warranty, we offer lifetime support for all of our systems so your computer will be running 24/7 365 days a year with as little of delays as possible. If you ever run into a problem with your system please contact Team@reactorgaming.co
Caught by the University of Illinois, a player locked in on one of our Desktops.

Built For Gamers – By Gamers.

Crafted with the precision and passion that only true gamers understand, our products embody the spirit of “Built for Gamers by Gamers.” At the heart of our gaming rigs lie the most advanced components from industry leaders like Nvidia, AMD, Intel, and Samsung. Nvidia’s powerful graphics cards deliver unparalleled visual fidelity and smooth performance, ensuring that every frame of your gaming experience is breathtakingly immersive. Paired with AMD’s high-performance processors, our systems are capable of handling the most demanding tasks with ease, whether you’re battling hordes of enemies or exploring vast open worlds.


In addition to top-tier processing power, our gaming peripherals are meticulously designed to enhance your gameplay. Intel’s cutting-edge technology ensures lightning-fast response times, while Samsung’s innovative storage solutions provide ample space for your growing library of games. Every detail, from the ergonomic design of our keyboards and mice to the crystal-clear audio delivered by our headsets, is crafted with the needs of gamers in mind. With a commitment to quality, performance, and innovation, we’re not just creating products – we’re shaping the future of gaming, one player at a time. So dive into immersive worlds with confidence, knowing that each component has been fine-tuned by fellow gamers who share your passion, and experience gaming like never before.

Quality Over Quantity

At Reactor Gaming, we firmly uphold the principle of quality over quantity in every facet of our operation. Our unwavering commitment to crafting top-of-the-line gaming desktops is evident in our meticulous approach, where each system undergoes rigorous testing and meticulous attention to detail. This dedication ensures that every component functions seamlessly together, resulting in unparalleled performance and durability. We recognize that true gaming enthusiasts prioritize excellence above all else, which is why we spare no effort in going the extra mile to deliver products that not only meet but exceed expectations.
Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond just the quality of our products. We understand that time is of the essence, especially when you’re eagerly awaiting the arrival of your new gaming rig. That’s why our expedited shipping service guarantees that your custom-built gaming powerhouse will be in your hands within a remarkably short timeframe of 7-10 days from the moment of purchase. With Reactor Gaming, you can immerse yourself in the exhilarating world of gaming on a superior machine without any unnecessary delays, confident in the knowledge that your gaming experience is backed by unmatched quality and efficiency.


We are proud to announce that we are the official Technology Provider to the NECC.

We will be providing Affordable, Reliable, and Customizable Desktops, Laptops, and Peripherals to NECC teams. We also are offering special DISCOUNTS to students and faculty of NECC College Teams. Check with your Director for the Code! If your team or players need new Desktops, Laptops, or Peripherals to practice and Win games on

We’re also accepting new affiliate marketers where teams and players will receive a certain percentage of revenue for your esports program; also, teams will receive goodies and other items! Apply below!


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